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Get Molded
 In Person


Dream Performance

6707 Meadowbrook Drive 

Fort Worth, Texas 76112

Training Hours:

Monday - Friday 7am - 4pm


Program Details

Program Timeframe:
Commitment Of 6 Months

8 Personal Training Sessions Monthly
1 Hour Sessions (2 Per Week)

Molded By Mia App Access

E Books + Video Lessons

Molded By Mia App Details

Progress Tracking:

The Molded By Mia App has the functionality to track workout personal bests, meals/nutrition goals, progress photos, body weight, body fat percentage, and muscle mass percentage.

Nutrition CoachingThe Molded By Mia App 
provides a nutrition guide with information about what foods to eat, portion sizes, and meal goals.

The app also comes with a meal library that provides meal options to inspire you in the kitchen.
Includes recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. You will receive video content, ingredient list, and cooking instructions for meals.

Connect Your Apple/Smart Watch:

Keep track & share data like daily caloric burn, steps, sleep and  automatically.

E Book + Video Lessons

This program will take you through a learning experience. Knowledge is power and fitness journeys fail due to the lack of knowledge and strategy. Through this program you will receive educational content


We focus on attaining success in Molded By Mia’s 6 Levels of  Wellness.

The 6 Levels of wellness are areas of life that contribute to good health.

Exercise, Mindset, Nutrition, Body Comp, Sleep/Recovery, Stress Management


Check Out The Lessons!

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The Investment
$450 Per Month 
For 6 Months

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Pay Monthly


Per Month


Pay Biweekly


Bi Weekly Payment Plan

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