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Sculpting Not Bulking

The Weightlifting Program That Teaches Women How To Drop Body Fat & Build Muscle Mass.

Weight Training Doesn't Make You Bulky.


It Is The Most Effective Way To Reduce Body Fat.


Are You Ready To Get Started?

Do You...

  • Struggle With Making Your Fitness Journey A Priority?

  • Have No Idea What To Eat To Reach Your Body Goals?

  • Feel Overwhelmed & Intimidated When You Go To The Gym?

  • Want To Make Fitness & Clean Eating A Lifestyle?

Then This Program Is For You!

How To Get Access

1. Apply To The Program.
Tell me your goals so we can make sure this program is a good fit for you. 

2. Consultation

I  will quickly assess your goals then reach out to you to book your zoom consultation. During this meeting we will discuss your goals and details of this program.

3. Start Getting Molded!

What Your Life Could Look Like....

Imagine your fitness journey thriving because YOU
decided to take action!

Can You See Yourself...




  • Exercising Consistently & Enjoying It.

  • Going To The Gym Confidently With A Plan.

  • Cooking Healthy Meals Regularly.

  • Becoming Your Own Body Goals


If Yes...


2_21_2022, 4_13_29 PM.jpg


"This program is different because it is truly tailored to my needs while others are usually general. It's one of the best investments they can make. Mia is always there when needed. She provides not only workouts but encouragement and tips for inside and outside the gym"

2_21_2022, 4_10_06 PM.jpg


"Mia's workout plans are laid out nice and neat with perfect instructional videos so I can refer to each exercise and make certain that my form is correct.

2_21_2022, 4_13_38 PM.jpg


"I love that each workout has an instructional video. I love that I can check things off as I do them in the true coach app. And I love all the perks such as meal guides according to my goals."

Are You Ready To Get Molded?

Sculpting Not Bulking

Is Easy To Follow & Interactive.

Untitled design (4).png

This Program Offers Access To An Exclusive App That Provides..

  • High Quality Instructional Videos

  • Progress Tracking 

  • Direct Coach To Client Messaging

  • On Demand Access To Your Workouts

Are You Tired Of Walking Around The Gym Lost?

Join The Molded By Mia Community

I am very proud of myself for joining this program. I never thought I would be consistent in my fitness journey or find a balance between life and fitness. I love the toning in my body. I look forward to my workouts each month.



I love Coach Mia as my trainer.

She is so encouraging. I am starting to make lifestyle changes that are sustainable.


It's Time For You To Make Your Fitness Journey A Priority.
Start By Applying Right Now. 

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