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Online Training


My online training service offers structure in fitness journey's with monthly workout routines tailored to the client's fitness goal, fitness level, and equipment available to them. I guide my clients through each workout with instructional videos through an app called true coach. All client's receive the accountability and encouragement needed to exercise consistently. Online clients also receive nutrition coaching.


Nutrition coaching focuses on

  • Finding solutions to clients nutritional needs.

  • Advice on how to break unhealthy habits.

  • Meal Preparation Guidance.

  • Meal Recipes.



"I love that each workout has an instruction video. I love that I can check things off as I do them in the true coach app. And I love all the perks such as meal guides according to my goals."

Bionka Barryer

"This program is different because it is truly tailored to my needs while others are usually general. It's one of the best investments they can make. You're always there when needed. You provide not only workouts but encouragement and tips for inside and outside the gym."

Victoria Walker


Discussed During Consultation.

Ready To Get Molded?

Fill out the "Training Application".

All Molded By Mia Clients Must Submit Before Starting Training. This is a quick questionnaire gathering personal information and medical/health concerns.

After your submission.
I will reach out to you to book your consultation. 

In the consultation we discuss goals, session scheduling, call to action plan, and more!

Online Training Pricing

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