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The body recomposition program that creates

longterm results through strength training

and proper nutrition.


Discover a sustainable lifestyle you can maintain forever. No more start and stop cycle in your fitness journey!

Learn how to gain control of your gym routine, eating habits, and mindset so you can get your confidence back.

"Body Recomp" is the sustainable approach Coach Mia uses to guide her clients to success!!

Body recomposition focuses on long-term changes in body composition rather than simply losing weight.

By combining resistance training and proper nutrition,
it promotes a sustainable and balanced lifestyle,

which can be maintained for long term.

There is a huge misconception that strength training makes women BULKY,  
but in reality it

Strength Training Has Been Proven To...

  • Make You Stronger Mentally And Physically 

  • Reduce Body Fat

  • Improve Your Self Esteem And Confidence 

It is a rewarding challenge that shows you have the power to overcome anything that life throws at you.

As WOMEN we deserve to feel this POWER.


IN Person OR Online.

In Person Program

Online Program

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